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My Cookbook

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Meet the Chef

Born in Calgary and raised in Strathmore Alberta, award-winning Chef Alison MacNeil shares her culinary expertise, seasonal recipes, and professional experiences. 

Chef Alison has over 25 years of experience working in various professional kitchens including one of her own and has overseen the opening of six successful, local Calgary businesses. As a Certified Chef de Cuisine, Alison has extensive knowledge of all aspects of opening a restaurant, including start-up concept, menu and recipe development for front and back of house, supplier relationships, staff hiring and training, and menu and recipe development. 

 Alison began her career working in some of the most reputable restaurants in Calgary, Teatro Restaurante, Divino Wine and Cheese Bistro, and The Wildwood where she apprenticed under top chefs. 

Traveling through North America, Central America, Europe, and the Caribbean, Chef Alison has been able to gain exposure to many different cuisines and cultures and refine her skills as a chef. 

Her love for Spain and its cuisine inspired her to open Black Pig Bistro where she received multiple awards including, Calgary's best new restaurant in 2015 and bronze medal in the Gold Medal Plates competition.

One of Alison's career highlights was being given the opportunity to cook at the James Beard House in New York City, showcasing Alberta cuisine and representing women in the industry.


Chef Eats is an easy-to-follow cookbook highlighting fundamental cooking techniques developed for the home cook. The recipes are interchangeable and adaptable to your specific tastes and the seasonality of ingredients.

Chef Eats is designed for you to learn everything from condiments like butter, hot sauce, and pickles, to cured meats, entertaining snacks, comfort dinners for the family, and desserts to impress!

"I want to share everything I've learned about running a restaurant, working in professional kitchens, and food!"

Happy Cooking!

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